Fortnite Cube and Week 8 Challenges



                                      Photo Credit: Epic Games

So the other day my good old Brother was playing some Fortnite Battle Royale with one or two of his friends. After he played a while he got off and talked to me about “Some cube in Fortnite” So that got me wondering: “what did he mean by that?” I had never seen a cube in Fortnite before, so I was convinced he was making it up.

Shortly after a little while, I realized he was not joking. I was playing and I saw a big purple cube on a mountain in the desert area, I looked at it and touched it. It launched me way far and I thought, “I hope this is like a bouncer pad or I am going to get knocked.” I did not take any damage so I thought it was like the bouncer pad trap in Fortnite. After a while, my friend got on and I played with him, I landed near the cube and I got shields regenerating, that made me think I could come here for free shields but it was very slow, Then  I accidentally touched the cube and it launched me away further than I expected, and I mean it, I flew like a bird trying to pick up a worm from a distance. I didn’t know I would get knocked though, so I took enough damage to get knocked, luckily my team-mate was in Paradise palms with an ATK so he came and got me quick.After that I started thinking what to do with the cube. So I messed around with it in playgrounds alone, and had some fun. Little did I know the cube would start moving, it really made me start thinking how the cube could just move by itself. I looked more into it, and I figured out that if you shoot at it you can be launched away if you are near enough, I tried it one more time from further away and I was safe, although the guy right next to it wasn’t. on the last move I saw it do it made a force field or something like that looked like it could be a final circle for 1v1 on solo’s or something but it was interesting, I’ve been watching streamers mess around with and it’s quite interesting and entertaining. So it is a good thing we have Streamers playing Fortnite Battle Royale.

But that brings up another thing I thought about. Weekly challenges. Recently Week 8 came out and challenges can sometimes be a problem for some players. So to start off first I will be putting a list down below. First Free pass challenges, then Battle Pass Challenges.

Free Pass Challenges

  • Place traps – 0/10
  • Search chests in Wailing Woods – 0/7
  • Shotgun eliminations – 0/4

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Deal damage with a pickaxe to opponents – 0/250
  • Use a rift at different spawn locations – 0/10
  • Search between three Over-sized Seats – 0/1
  • Stage 1: eliminate an opponent at Greasy Grove – 0/1


These are the Challenges for week 8.

Notice that the last Challenge on the Battle Pass Challenges has stage 1 on it, so just be wary that it will be more stages after that. I think there is three stages to that.

But to start of we have place traps. Notice you have to place traps, at least ten traps. So spike traps will guaranteed work bouncers, launch pads and the campfire, all of those should work. And easy way to do this is play 50v50 and collect a lot of traps. Place them all at the end, that’s just an easy way I know. If you know a faster way go ahead and do that.

Second challenge we have search chest in wailing woods. Obviously you go to wailing woods, but you would be best if doing solo squads and doing it then. Just search chests until you have searched seven.

Third we have Shotgun Eliminations. This one is really easy; grab a shotgun in 50v50, shoot the enemy. When they are knocked; make sure you get the elimination. Do that four times and you will complete the challenge.

Now let us move onto the BattlePass Challenges.

First up, we have ‘Deal Pickaxe Damage To Opponents.’ This is fairly self-explanatory.

Next up we have ‘Use Rifts At Different Locations.’ If you play Fortnite Battle Royale regularly, you probably know where most of the Rifts are hiding. If not, they are pretty easy to find around the map.

Third up, we have ‘Search Between Three Oversized Seats.’ More info about that below.

There are three stages to the last challenge.

  1. First stage is to ‘eliminate An Opponent At Greasy Grove.’
  2. Second stage is to ‘eliminate An Opponent In Lonely Lodge.’
  3. In the third and final stage of this challenge, you must ‘eliminate An Opponent In Fatal Fields.’

After you have completed all these challenges, you have successfully finished Week 8 of season 5 in Fortnite Battle Royale and you can have fun waiting for Week 9 challenges to come out next week!

This is regarding the third challenge we mentioned above. It is to ‘Search Between Three Oversized Seats.’ This is the Battle Star challenge. Here is a map that displays where the Battle Star is located.

                                                                                        Photo Credit: Epic Games

This Battle Star is on the mountain North-West of Flush Factory. There is a little dirt patch which you can walk up and the Battle Star will pop up. You have to search it to get the challenge completed.



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